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Published: November 21, 2022

Topping the British Eventing Stats in 2022

The release of the Equiratings British Eventing stats for 2022 has made for hugely exciting reading...

A few highlights:

  • I have the second highest number of FODs, behind Oliver Townend. On percentages, however, I come out on top - with a rate of 42.8% (OT at 29.9%)
  • I have the third highest number of clear XC rounds inside the time - however, again, by percentages, I am in the lead - 62.2% (OT at 43%)
  • Placed second by percentage of showjumping clears - on a rate of 65.3% (with Ros Canter just ahead on 66.3%)
  • 5YO Borough Tuppence FOD (finished on her dressage score) at every event in her first season to cruise straight to the top of the stats list (making her dam Pennyz very proud)
  • Secret Legacy, Chatter On and Bowstraight Eliza all topped their levels with the highest FOD rates
  • The Italian flag is the only foreign nationality represented in the top few of any of the stats lists!

Not only this, but this has been achieved on a very eclectic selection of much loved horses, which I know my owners won’t mind me saying!

It is brilliant to see these results after a slightly difficult season with two top horses off and a feeling of being on the sidelines from top level where I would like to be. But, it gave me even more drive to strive to do my best on every other horse at every level and this consistency has certainly paid off. They all responded by giving 100%, thanks to a very dedicated support team and of course thanks my owners for making it possible!

Special mention and credit to Jay Halim for giving me a show jumping edge, particularly this season to achieve these stats, and to Sarah Bullen, to whom I owe so much after 22 seasons of guiding me.


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