Selleria Pariani

Selleria Pariani

From the shape of panels, seat and flaps to the inserts and stitchings’ colors and down to smallest details, Selleria Pariani creates your own custom-made saddle. A saddle that is really unique because hand-made following step by step any of your desire and need.

All this can be done because Pariani, thanks to the great experience of skilled master saddlers, has always created its saddles piece by piece in its workshop in Milan.

Melting a tradition made of craftsmanship, love for high manufacturing, knowledge and experience long over than a Century (since that 1903 which marked the beginning of a long history made of passion and excellence), nowaday Selleria Pariani combines the newest technologies, aim not to replace, speed up or standardize but, on the contrary, to make every single product even more innovative and unique.

It’s thanks to this passion and knowledge acquired in 120 years of history that Pariani is ready to create an unique saddle, just like you are; your Pariani.

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