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Published: November 18, 2022

DHI JACKPOT – The Dream Team

It is a rare day that you can wear a t-shirt in England, in November, but we had one for the DHI Jackpot inauguration party, and what a day it was.

Jack meeting his owners

I am totally blown away by so many who got in touch and have helped make a miracle happen in a short few weeks. What loyal supporters, amazing friends and what fantastic eventing enthusiasts who have come about largely via the power of social media.

Some of the wonderful food provided

It was so brilliant to have many of his owners and crowd funders attend a really jolly lunch party in the sun - what a delightful and fun group of friends, to whom I am forever grateful – and they have incredible cooking skills too!

DJI Jackpot showing off his skills

Hollins Court Farm was at it’s most splendid in the sun, and we celebrated with a superb lunch for 35 in the best tack room! Looking forward to the next one already…

3 comments on “DHI JACKPOT – The Dream Team”

  1. Hello,
    I came with my daughter to listen to you speak tonight in conjunction with the George vets in Tetbury and I would like more information on participating in the crowd funding for Jackpot. A quick google doesn’t show how to join. Thank you

    1. Dear Jessica,

      I hope you are well and had a good winter?! I look forward to seeing many familiar faces again when I finally get a first run next week!

      Thank you so much for coming to the presentation last night, sorting the photos and technology required many late nights so I was grateful for such an appreciative crowd to test drive them on!

      Thank you so much for expressing interest in Jack the horse! I worked hard to keep the ride on DHI Jackpot as it was such a unique opportunity. It was an incredibly exciting chance for me to take on a horse I already have a partnership with, and who isn’t far from reaching team championships and Olympics (with competitive prospects!) at a time when I am looking at a large gap before any of the youngsters will be ready for top level. I managed to complete purchase late last year after amazing support raising funds and creating a syndicate, I just have the last gap to fill. I have achieved this largely with a crowd fund of friends who like being a part of making it possible!

      The crowd fund involves just a one off £1k contribution to be part of the journey with WhatsApp updates with videos and photos, Jackpot parties, events to gather at and friends old and new to share something with.
      My mother is also offering a stay in her idyllic costal B&B on the Isle of Mull and I am including a free lesson to any family member!

      It has created a really delightful lovely community of likeminded fun people! Would it be of any interest to you? Or might you have any ideas as to whom it may interest? No running costs, nothing extra just a one off contribution making everyone part of the future excitement with my incredible and amazing support team of owners, past and present, and friends old and new, being together a share in securing the ride!
      It seemed such a fun idea for me that so many people who have supported me throughout my career could be involved!

      I attach below information about him, it was drafted prior to purchase immediately after which he completed his first 3* with me at Bicton with a great double clear and lovely dressage in extremely wet conditions! I just ran steady as it was the day after purchase with so many new owners!

      I look forward to seeing you at events soon! Thank you for all your support and involvement with the sport!

      With my best wishes,

  2. Hi Vittoria,

    I met you yesterday when my sister Jan Povey and her daughter Vicky visited your yard. I would love to become part of Team Jack as well. Please could you send me details of how to join you on the journey.


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