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Published: November 18, 2022

DHI JACKPOT – The Dream Team

It is a rare day that you can wear a t-shirt in England, in November, but we had one for
the DHI Jackpot inauguration party, and what a day it was.

Jack meeting his owners

I am totally blown away by so many who got in touch and have helped make a miracle
happen in a short few weeks. What loyal supporters, amazing friends and what fantastic
eventing enthusiasts who have come about largely via the power of social media.

Some of the wonderful food provided

It was so brilliant to have many of his owners and crowd funders attend a really jolly
lunch party in the sun - what a delightful and fun group of friends, to whom I am forever
grateful – and they have incredible cooking skills too!

DJI Jackpot showing off his skills

Hollins Court Farm was at it’s most splendid in the sun, and we celebrated with a superb
lunch for 35 in the best tack room! Looking forward to the next one already…

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